Angel Island


  • Remain abstinent from any mind-altering chemicals or alcohol.
  • Attend 12-step meetings daily for the first ninety days, three meetings per week thereafter.
  • Work the 12-steps of recovery under the direction of a sponsor.
  • Obtain a minimum of twenty hours per week employment or volunteer work in your first two weeks.
  • Residents will follow their after care plans from treatment centers.
  • Attend regularly scheduled support house meetings Sunday-Thursday.
  • Minimum stay of thirty days, with ninety days the recommended length of stay.
  • No overnights for the first thirty days, 11PM Curfew Sunday-Thursday, 12PM Friday and Saturday.
  • After thirty days 12PM curfew Sunday-Thursday, no curfew Friday and Saturday.
  • Planned vacation time is available after the first thirty days.
  • No fraternization with other residents.
  • Pay all fees on time.